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Product Testing & Quality Control


All our formulas go through proven accelerated stability testing ensuring it meets your standards for the life of the product. Retention samples are kept of bulk and packaged product from every batch and ALL batches have full traceability through a batch number system. All organic products are separated and stored from non-organic products and all have full traceability back to the farm gate to ensure the authenticity of their organic certification.

Product Research & Custom Formulations


Whether you have an idea, concept or existing formula we will work hand-in-hand with you to produce superb formulations. Our chemist will help guide you in selecting the appropriate ingredients which will result in a relevant formulation style that will produce the product that reflects your individual company desires, objectives and needs.

Production & Manufacturing


Our trained team practices current GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). Every production batch is checked and rechecked many times during the manufacturing process to maintain high quality standards. We are a systems based company and use a systems approach to all of our manufacturing. These practices require guidelines we follow to ensure quality and efficiency. This enables us to have shorter lead times for fulfillment and delivery.



Great products deserve great packaging. We offer a range of packaging and manufacturing options to tailor most any project needs. We cater to small/medium quantities in order to provide a service to our clients as they grow or launch new products to the marketplace. We provide labeling and filling capabilities for a variety of types and sizes from tubes to jars all the way to large bulk supply.

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