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Cooling & Therapeutic Products

Infused with organic and plant-derived extracts, including essential oils, that naturally revives tired legs and feet, helps stimulate circulation, and refreshes the mind and body.


•    Avocado: protein and vitamin-rich emollient, smoothes skin •    Amica: anti-inflammatory, analgesic, promotes healing

•    Chamomile: soothing, purifying, relieves tension

•    Eucalyptus: powerful herbal remedy, promotes circulation

•    Peppermint: refreshing, energizing, relaxes muscles

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3-Step delivery system: each unique cooling product delivers just the right amount
of rejuvenating and therapeutic benefits that results in a lasting feeling of revitalized,
invigorated, and renewed mind and body.


A transforming experience that will energize and inspire.

Step 1:  Cooling Sugar Scrub

Step 2:  Cooling Clay Mask

Step 3:  Cooling Massage Cream

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